Devotee of Lord Shiva


Symbol of Devi Maha Lakshmi | Ruling Planet Saturn | Mantra : Om Mahalakshmi Namah

Price : INR Rs.1300 per gram

Valampuri Sangu also called as Dakshinavarti Shankh or Sri Lakshmi Shankh, is a sacred Hindu object. This is the shell of a large sea snail (Turbinella pyrum) from the Indian Ocean which has a very rare reverse turning spiral.

When it is held with the spout (siphonal canal) pointed up, this conch's spiral twists rightwards (dakshinavarti) rather than very much more common form, which twists leftwards (vamavarti).

Beneficial for wealth, peace, prosperity, wealth, money and materials. Valampuri Sangu is rare lucky charm and is also called Vishnu Shankha which saves a person from all troubles and problems, removes hurdles and fulfils all wishes.

It is believed that who keeps this Shell in their locker , they would never face any dearth of money in there life. Valampuri Sangu shall be kept on white cloth in Puja Ghar/ worship place or Wrapped in white cloth, if need to be kept in locker. One shall light incense in front of Valampuri Sangu and offer white rice and milk.

Valampuri Sangu's benefit are immense based on the place we keep and it bring

  • Peace to the premises
  • Prosperity to the house or office
  • Good relationship among the couple
  • Awareness by evoking Deity Goddess Saraswathi
  • Enlightment to students with skill and memory
  • Remove malefic planetary effects and black magic evils