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Symbol of Goddess Mahalakshmi | Recommended to Remove illness and Misfortune | Mantra : Om Namo Narayanaya

Price : INR Rs.500

Maha Lakshmi Yantra is a divine instrument or a mystical diagram usually etched on either a metal with gold plating, a copper plate or a gold plate. It is considered sacred in Hindu religion as it has the engraved picture of the divine deity, the Goddess Lakshmi seated on a blossomed lotus flower. Along with the picture a Mantra (the Sanskrit syllables) is also inscribed on the Yantra, which is a "thought form" representing divinities or cosmic powers that exert their influence by means of auditory vibrations.

Maha Lakshmi, the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm is the eternal Goddess of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, luxury, generosity and courage. In Hindu mythology, there are several manifestations of wealth that are established and associated with Goddess Lakshmi. They include: Adi Lakshmi-- the main Goddess (primeval Lakshmi), Dhanya Lakshmi-- granary wealth, Dhairya Lakshmi-- wealth of courage, Gaja Lakshmi-- animal wealth (sometimes associated with the power of royalty), Santana Lakshmi-- wealth of progeny, Vijaya Lakshmi-- wealth of victory, Vidya Lakshmi-- wealth of knowledge, Dhana Lakshmi-- monetary wealth, Aishwarya Lakshmi-- Goddess of riches, Saubhagya Lakshmi-- giver of prosperity, Rajya Lakshmi-- royal Lakshmi-- the one who blesses the ruler with secular powers and Vara Lakshmi-- boon Lakshmi-- the one who grants all desires of the devotee. The deity represents not only material wealth but also spiritual wealth. When you bring the Maha Lakshmi Yantra home, it brings to you the blessings of a blissful life.

The Maha Lakshmi yantra is best preferred and recommended in a 24 carat gold plated design. However, it is also available in copper and alloy metals. It comes in different sizes and frames. 4”x4” is the preferred size. When you place the Maha Lakshmi Yantra in your home or at your workplace after proper rituals of “Pran Pratishtha” (energy installation and activation), it is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Yantra and blesses her worshippers. The mere sight of this unique and powerful Yantra in the morning blesses the person and bestows good fortune and happiness on the devoted worshipper. In Hindu mythology, yantras are considered to be auspicious and it is believed that concentrating regularly and offering prayers with devotion helps to build fortunes and to gain the blessings of the deity.

  • Brings love, luck and happiness to your life
  • Bestows fortune, wealth, fame and prosperity
  • Relieves you from dreadful chronic diseases
  • Eliminates the effects of black magic and other negative powers
  • Combats all the bad influences and ill-effects of vastu faults in your home or office