Devotee of Lord Shiva


Wear to possess good health | Should be made of 108, 99, 90, 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27 and of 18 beds

Price : INR Rs.1000

Rudraksha Beads (108+1) of size 5 mm is used in a thread without any knots in between and the length is about 26 cm.

The person who wears Rudraksha always possesses good health, respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody and will get required results. A good Rudraksha mala usually has one hundred and eight beads or fifty four in length.

To get the full results one should wear Rudraksha mala at all times. According to various shastras Rudraksha mala can be worn around crown ear ring, chain around the ear, armlet and specially around the stomach.

  • Rudraksha mala has many healing properties and rich with shakti and calms the kundalini.
  • Rudraksha mala is an eye opener for heart chakra and good for meditation with protection.
  • Rudraksha mala has been worn immemorial due to properties of the specific beads.
  • Rudraksha mala renders prosperity to the wearer and his family.
  • Enemies of the wearer are annihilated and make wearer providing peace of mind.
  • Rudraksha mala helps to control anger.
  • Rudraksha mala can be worn with red string or a gold chain around neck.
  • Rudraksha beads are the material from which malas, generally 108 beads are made.
  • Rudraksha in comman has five segments representing five faces of Lord Shiva